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A Minimalist Clock Screensaver That Office Workers Will Love

Fliqlo is a simple yet brilliant idea that is so good and so simple that you probably wonder why nobody has thought of it before. It is a minimalist clock screensaver that only activates when your screensaver does. It is your screensaver but it also gives you the time in a very clear and simple way.

It Is Ideal For People Working In Offices

Why is Fliqlo a stroke of genius? Because when you are in the office you often find yourself pulled away from the computer for phone calls colleagues boss conversations breaks and other office issues. Few people carry watches around with them anymore because mobile phones have made them redundant. Many office workers return to their desk and move their mouse just so that they may look at the time. With this screensaver you do not have to remove your screensaver. You are able to see the time as soon as you enter visual range of your computer.

Conclusion - Brilliant And Yet Simple Idea

No longer will you have to keep moving your mouse to see what time it is in your computer because the Fliqlo screensaver does it for you. It matches the time you set on your computer. It is not a big screen saver but it is easily visible from a few feet away which makes the screen saver all the more convenient. If you work in an office this is an ideal screensaver for you.


  • You can see the time without having to take your screensaver down
  • It is minimalist and simple
  • It is minimalist and simple


  • There are no options to customize the clock style
  • You cannot make the screensaver bigger
  • The developers could have added more features and options

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Fliqlo 1.4 for Mac

User reviews about Fliqlo

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    i like its nice thanks.
    i like its nice
    i don't so much this program just i want this

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    we want it for mountain lion.
    I'm using this screen saver as the old one the version 1.2 cause its working in my system who is thMore

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